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opening 6/30/2019

He likes camping. She likes nature.

He likes woods and wildlife.

She likes campfires and stars.

They like different things but together

they've found Beaver Island Retreat.

Whether you want the comforts of home or an outdoor experience in one of the most remote locations in the United States,

Beaver Island Retreat is designed to be

the ultimate of both. 


06.30.2019 - We have officially opened Beaver Island Retreat! Guests are arriving and the comments are overwhelming positive! We are one of two glamorous campgrounds located on an island in the continental United States! Come join us for an adventure!

06.08.2019 - The tenth and final tent has been erected and the interior cement for the facility and bath houses done! Many thanks to all those who are making it happen for Beaver Island!

06.06.2019 - From rough to smooth, the facility cement work is completed by Greg Cary, Cary Concrete, and his fabulous team!

06.04.2019 - 8th tent up and ready for furniture! Only 2 more to go...And...look who joined us on the job site! Electric will be ready to roll within a week!

05.29.2019 - The fourth tent is up! Sites #9, #22, #23, and #25 complete! 

05.26.2019 - Second Tent is erected and incredible progress is being made on the facility and private bath houses!

05.25.2019 - From Colorado, to Fog Towing, to Beaver Island. The campground furniture has arrived and is moved to the campground with the help of our amazing team of people!

05.24.2019 - Our first tent is erected and tent site furnished! Site #9. It's a huge milestone for the Retreat and our future guests! We are so excited as it looks and "feels" exactly as we wanted! Kudos to our great team of people who are working hard to make it a reality for everyone, especially something for Beaver Island!  

05.20.2019 - John Roberts is on site with his crew, digging, measuring, cutting and making sure everything is 100% on point with plumbing commercial requirements and code. And, let's not forget his positive spirit and attitude while tackling the task at hand! Laughter is amazing medicine. 

05.15.2019 - Dan Burton, our general contractor, is two days early starting the build of the facility based on the timeline we created last Fall. Woohoo! Keeping things going and right on track!

05.13.2019 - Campground furniture leaves our builder in Colorado, headed for St James Marine Co., Charlevoix Michigan, to be transported to the island by Captain Matthew Fog on 5.20.19

05.08.2019 - After traveling approximately 9,000 miles, the container has arrived three days early and is loading on rail for Detroit.  Scheduled arrival: 5.16.19

05.07.2019 - The custom pavilion is complete! We are so excited to see the results and couldn't be more happy with our choice in builders! Not only is the pavilion incredible, the entire family is an absolute joy to work with! Matthias and Wilbert were our main contacts. We can't wait to work with them again in the future!

05.06.2019 - Natural Log Cabins, from Cadillac/ Tustin Michigan has arrived!  The same day of arrival, they are well on their way.

05.01.2019 - James Bates, Architect works feverishly to complete our stamped electrical drawings so that the facility and bath houses can begin construction.

04.28.2019 - Our second container with Campground amenities has shipped! After travelling across the Pacific, it will reach Prince Rupert Port, British Columbia on 5.11.19.

04.26.2019 - Today...TODAY...We broke ground on Beaver Island Retreat! Dan Burton and Greg Cary did the honors of final measuring, ground evaluation, and setup! We couldn't not be more excited or grateful for their diligent work and determination in making Beaver Island Retreat a reality!

04.19.2019 - Our first guest booking for a charter plane from Traverse City to Beaver Island! If you're wondering how it works, drop us a line and we'd be happy to help! The island has two airlines, Fresh Air Aviation and Island Airways. We'd be happy to research your flight options as you begin planning your adventure to natural unspoiled!

04.18.2019 - What a wonderful morning, spent with Elaine and Steve West with the Northern Islander newspaper. There's no better way to spend a morning than discussing the beauty of the island, the progress and concept behind Beaver Island Retreat, and the excitement of making dreams come true! Be sure to checkout the interview in the May, 2019 edition!

04.15.2019 - Jim Bates, Architect begins the process of creating and procuring stamped electrical drawings, ensuring guest safety and electrical amenities for guests.  You know...the important things like WiFi, phone charging, kitchen appliances, and heat for each of the individual bath houses. Oh! And LED string lighting for the tents and pavilion!

04.11.2019 -Red Bud Suds picked up and soon to at Beaver Island Retreat. Wow!  Does our car smell GREAT! Even more wonderful is that we include a travel size bar for every guest in every reservation. Shampoo-Conditioner-Soap-Shave all in one bar, naturally friendly so it keeps our soil and water clean!

03.28.2019 - Have you ever used a rainfall shower head? The water falls directly down, giving you the relaxing feeling of being in the rain! Except, this water is heated. If you stay with us, you'll find one in each of the four private bath houses located next to the facility and custom log pavilion. Oh! And two more in outdoor shower area. Ordered today!

03.24.2019 - Bulk, Hardwood, All-Natural Lump charcoal ordered and scheduled for pickup. How much? Enough for all guests on the campground as we include it in our amenities. We can't wait for people to use it in their tent grills, or try it out in one of ceramic grills that will be located at the pavilion.

03.20.2019 - Charlevoix County has issued our building permit for the facility to begin construction anytime! Spring can't come soon enough...

03.10.2019 - Safety is our #1 priority for guests! We are now well into the process of developing safety procedures and emergency notifications so guests have everything at their fingertips if needed.

03.01.2019 - Crown Berkey counter top water filtration system for the pavilion kitchen has been delivered! There is no system like it in the world and we want the best for our guests!

02.25.2019 - Captain Matthew Fog braves 30mph winds and literally feet of snow to transfer the Beaver Island Retreat tents and amenities container to his Stone Dock for later transport to the island

02.23.2019 - Tents and tent amenities cleared through customs and loaded on the chassis ready for delivery to Fog Ironton  Stone Dock, Charlevoix MI on 2/25/19.

02.16.2019 - Our inbox continues to be filled with lots of inquires for group bookings, information on the island, and great questions from people who have never been to the island! 

02.15.2019 - Communications with Fedex begins to handle the customs, trade, and homeland security paperwork

02.13.2019 - Jim Bates, Architect, submits what should be the final update before official engineer stamping and drawings sent to Charlevoix County

02.12.2019 - Tents and amenities make entry into the US via rail through Ranier, Minnesota and soon on the way to Detroit! ETA 2/19/19

02.11.2019 - First inquiry for booking the entire campsite for a reunion

02.09.2019 - YouTube channel activated!

02.08.2019 - Tents and amenities arrive via ocean freight in Vancouver, British Columbia

02.06.2019 - We're 50% sold out for July 4th!   

02.03.2019 - Facebook Page up and running

01.31.2019 - Trip advisor account setup and active. We won't be connecting to the booking option right away :)

01.27.2019 - Final touches made to website. Go live by the end of the day! Facebook, Instagram, Trip Advisor, etc., coming soon

01.21.2019 - James S. Bates, Architect PLLC submits final draft drawing for approval prior to sending the the structural engineer

01.16.2019 - Beaver Island's Ernie Martin (KM Contractors) and crew design, build, and deliver 16'X18' Safari Tent Platforms

01.15.2019 - Greg Carey, Carey Concrete, hired to complete all commercial concrete work on the property

01.13.2019 - Safari Tents and additional campground supplies loaded and shipping to Fog Towing. Picture represents images shared with us from manufacturer of Safari Tent and is not on location

01.10.2019 - Charlevoix County confirms receipt of building permits and awaits stamped drawings from James S. Bates Architect, PLLC to continue with the review

01.05.2019 - The Fourth Wojan-Cashman map of Beaver Island is officially printed listing Beaver Island Retreat.  The efforts and support of Ed Wojan, Ed Wojan Realty, to include BI Retreat on the map exemplifies the welcoming nature of the island. 

01.5.2019 - Beaver Island Chamber of Commerce Member Application Submitted

12.28.2018 - FEDEX hired to support logistic needs to Charlevoix

12.28.2018 - MDEQ Campground permit application completed and submitted

12.22.2018 - Dan Burton, Builder and Jim Wojan begin site preparation

12.21.2018 - Dan Burton, Builder and Jim Wojan move building supplies to the property

12.13.2018 - Dan Burton, Builder, Beaver Island Michigan hired as the general contractor and builder

11.28.2018 - Natural Log Cabins of Cadillac Michigan hired to build the log pavilion

11.21.2018 - Ernie Martin, KM Contractors from Beaver Island hired to build the Safari Tent Platforms

11.15.2018 - James S Bates Architect, PLLC of Roscommon, MI hired to design the guest facilities 

11.13.2018 - Peaine Twp Planning Commission, Beaver Island MI approves special use permit for the campground (Yippeee!! We're doin' this)

10.30.2018 - John Mast, Mountain View Wood Crafts of La Jara, CO, hired to build the campground furniture and individual bath houses (furniture to be built per spec pictures below of Douglas Fir and is not inclusive of all furniture) - Update 6.10.19: Beds have been changed to natural log beds and tables/ benches are flat top, no slats.

10.5.2018 - Property perk tested for commercial sewer system by the Charlevoix Health Department PASSED - Jim Wojan did the digging

09.05.2018 - Beaver Island's Ed Wojan, Ed Wojan Realty becomes the project advisor and directs on steps needed surrounding licensing, laws, building/sewer/electrical permits and Michigan Campground requirements

08.30.2018 - Beaver Island's Jim Wojan, Wojan Excavating, begins clearing the world's largest juniper field

08.29.2018 - Original Campground concept comes to life in our own renderings 

08.27.2018 - Property Closing 

07.03.2018 - Eileen Woolford, Berkshire Hathaway, took us to the property of our dreams. She "saved the best for last" and it certainly was! It changed our lives.

Beaver Island Retreat